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Carrot Top Records, 2004; CD

  1. New Parade

  2. Attract Mode

  3. Annunciation

  4. Wish Factor

  5. Blue Rose Melancholy

  6. Hold

  7. I Swear

  8. Skying

  9. Walk Away

  10. Stowaway

  11. Ricochet

  12. Chronicle of a Gift Horse

  13. Coldwater Pride

Basics recorded by Tara Jane O’Neil at Barnegat Light, NJ, October 2003, except
Tracks 5 and 11, recorded and mixed by Tara Key in 2001 at 
Chessie Studios, NYC

Additional recording by Tim Harris and Tara Key at Chessie Studios

Mixed by Tara Jane O’Neil and Antietam at Chessie Studios
Mastered by Peter Walsh at All Mod Cons, NYC

Tim Harris (bass, cello, vocals), Tara Key (guitars, keyboards, vocals),
Josh Madell (drums, percussion, vocals), Rick Brown (percussion), Katie Gentile (violin), Mark Howell (trumpet), Ira Kaplan (guitar), Chris O’Rourke (guitar)


Kill Rock Stars Compilation, 2003, CD                                   

Recorded by Tara Key at Chessie Studios, NYC

Personnel same as on Victory Park

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