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April 30, 2024


Howdy! Friday, May 3 we release Pitch & Yaw on Motorific Sounds via Bandcamp. It will also be streaming at all of the usual spots on Friday. I feel all of our records feel like the "work we are proudest of" when they come out - how's that for quality control ;) - and I feel that way today about P&Y. I think the songs act as a suite touching on, I dunno, living in the now in all of it's emotional complexity and attendant splendor. Keeping on keeping on - ya know the drill. Speaking of keeping on keeping on, Derby Day, Saturday May 4,  marks 40 years since Wolf, Mike, Tim and Tara went to a rehearsal together for the first time as Antietam (see our last post below for the tale). Give a listen if you will, own it if you can. - signed, Tara Key spiel

















MARCH 4, 2024



We are stoked to start the 40th anniversary year of Antietam with a show and a release.

First, for NYC folk, we are playing on a super fun bill at Main Drag in Brooklyn. Choo Choo La Rouge very kindly asked us to be a part of their record release party (coming out on that very day, April 5) . Their jam is on Kiam Records, and Kiam head honcho Jennifer O'Connor, another pal of Antietam, will be playing as well. We will be making the acquaintance of Jay Walsh and are excited to hear him play! Main Drag is a cool venue and our first time appearing there. Come on out: Friday, April 5--doors at 7PM.

Antietam was formed on Derby Day, 1984, when Louisville expats Wolf Knapp and Michael Weinert drove down from Vermont (where they had moved to following the infamous Super Bowl Sunday party that left 1069 Bardstown Road, our punk house hangout in Louisville, a shambles, to put it mildly; the landlord was seeking their whereabouts).

















It's kind of apt that a band named after the bloodiest day in American history (at that point) would be birthed out of cataclysm! Derby Day is always the first Saturday in May, so we have celebrated on that Saturday since. For technical Terrances the actual date was May 5! 

We will be releasing a new digital EP on Bandcamp around May 1 called Pitch & Yaw, so stay tuned for more on that. Likewise, coming  later in the summer: a live album spanning 40 years of gig recordings. (Antietam Comes Alive Again?!?) Busy year, happy band!

flyer for main drag small.jpg

Antietam’s latest EP
PITCH & YAW will be
available May 3 at Bandcamp.


Stay tuned - fall dates
coming soon




Tim and Tara spoke with Mike Watt on his excellent radio show, Watt From Pedro, on December 4. Us OG's had a lot to talk about--too much, in fact, so we shall be returning some time next year to visit again.

Here is a direct link. WFP is also available to hear on all of the usual suspect streaming spots:

Look out early in 2024--we are almost finished with an EP worth of new tunes. Keep an eye on Bandcamp for the release.


Go to to purchase our new t-shirt and, for the first time, digital releases of our remastered first two albums, Antietam and Music From Elba, formerly only on vinyl and cassette.













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