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Disc Details (Plus)

Homestead Records, 1993; CD
also released by Rough Trade Records in Germany

1    Northern Star 
2    Tranquility Base        
3    Jack of Hearts 
4    Long Trail         
5    Seraphim         
6    Bender    
7    V.O.B.     
8    Kali         
9    One Spark        
10  I Found Out   
11  Turbo Dog      
12  Need to Need          
13  Gypsy Village 
(14) Hidden Track: Good Fortune, recorded by Tara Key at 1100 Baxter Avenue, Louisville, KY, 1982

Tracks 1, 4-6 recorded by Jon Williams at Vortex Studios, East Albany, VT 

Tracks 2-3, 7-13 recorded by Wharton Tiers at Fun City Studios, NYC 

Produced by Timothy Noel Harris

Vermont Crew: Yasmin Kuhn (guitar), Wolf Knapp (bass, steel guitar), Jon Williams (loops, sounds), Ron Ward (drums)

NYC Crew: Georgia Hubley (drums), Rick Rizzo (guitar), Rick Brown (percussion, manipulation), Tim Harris (bass), Alan Licht (guitar), Ira Kaplan (guitar), Matthew O’Bannon (guitar), Josh Madell (drums), Robert Dennis (drums), Sue Garner (guitar, vocals), Janet Beveridge Bean (drums, vocals)

Front and back photos by Mike Galinsky

Other photos by Tara Key, Yasmin Kuhn, Andy Hafitz, Lee Dirks, Tim Harris, Wolf Knapp

Homestead Records, 1995; CD

1      All Lit Up 
2      Burn 
3      Breakin' In 
4      In Absinthe 
5      Left-Handed Way 
6      Rhythm Jester 
7      Lost and Found 
8      No Reason Now 
9      Up and Down 
10    Get It Straight 
11    No Tractor Blues 

(12) Hidden Track: Deutsche Welle Shortwave ID Loop

Produced by Tim Harris and Jon Williams
Recorded and mixed by Jon Williams at Vortex, East Albany, VT

Tara Key and the Barton Boys
The Barton Boys are: Tim Harris (guitar, bass, vibes, cello), Tara Key (guitars, vocals, accordion, Farfisa, piano), Wolf Knapp (bass, dobro), Josh Madell (drums), Jon Williams (sounds, loops, guitar)

This document was recorded during the New Moon of September (2-11) and recorded and mixed under the Full Moon of October (14-23) in the year of 1994.

Art by Tara Key
Photos of art by Mike Galinsky
Spiritual travelers on board: Lee Dirks, Aiyana Elliott, Steven Joerg, Yasmin Kuhn
Readings: Ann Peters

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