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Disc Details (Plus)

Triple X Records, 1990; LP, CD, cassette

Order for cassette and CD are the same, but with a 13th track, "Day Before Tomorrow"

A1    After the Tide              
A2    Hesitation                    
A3     Really the Blues          
A4    Naples                         
A5    Eaten Up by Hate 

B1    Acid Song                     
B2    Imagining Green          
B3    Something's Happening          
B4    George                        
B5    Pictures of You             
B6    Open Letter                          


Recorded by Wharton Tiers at Fun City Studios, NYC
Produced by Georgia Hubley and Ira Kaplan

Front photo by Guy Dove; back photo by Robert Sietsema

Tim Harris (bass, vocals), Tara Key (guitar, vocals), Charles Schultz (drums, vocals), Ira Kaplan (organ), Sean Mulhall (harmonica), Jane Scarpantoni (cello)

A 12" vinyl, 3-song disc was released near the same time with "Eaten Up By Hate" as an A-side and "Naples" and "Day Before Tomorrow," on the B-side. 

Homestead Records compilation, 1989; 2-LP set, CD, cassette

Tim Harris (bass), Tara Key (guitar), Charles Schultz (drums)


Triple X Records, 1990 

Triple X Records compilation
Same personnel as Burgoo

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