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The KitKat Chronicles: Kit Maxwell, Curatore di Mondo
by Timothy Noel Harris

The KitKat Chronicles: Kit Maxwell, Curatore di Mondo presents four interrelated stories about an an independent-minded young Brooklyn girl traveling on vacation with her family to four European cities. She first arrives in Venice at age 9 with her parents, cousins, and grandparents. Though she is the youngest in the crew, it is Kit who propels the family’s agenda.


She runs off alone and meets a famous 85-year-old Venetian artist. The next year in Rome, she becomes involved in a criminal plot; at 11, in Paris, creates a fashion sensation; and in Barcelona, on the verge of becoming a teenager, discovers a hidden treasure and learns to fly. Curious and fearless, Kit loops her family into unbelievable experiences.


These stories are for 9- to 12-year-olds and those who love them, particularly if they have an interest in Venice, Rome, Paris and Barcelona. Paperback, 111 pages.

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