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Ghetto, Venice
Reflections, Venice
Quizzical Venice: 300 Puzzling Questions About the City of Canals and Conundrums
By Timothy Noel Harris, with photos by Tara Key

Quizzical Venice is for anyone who is going to Venice, has been to Venice, or has an interest in Venice.


From a newspaper advertisement for the book run in the Doge’s Daily Journal-Express:


Quizzical Venice has some things to ask you; 300 things to be exact. Like this:

            What event once threatened to destroy the Piazza San Marco?

  • A 1989 Pink Floyd concert

  • The locust invasion of 1986

  • The unmooring of a Norwegian cruise ship in 1997


You’re thinking, “I seem to remember something about that cruise ship. But then, those locusts come every few decades, but do they come to Venice? A rock concert seems unthinkable there.”


Quizzical Venice asks you puzzlers in 12 chapters, covering art and architecture, history, navigation, religion, geography, the opera, the Biennale, the Film Fest, the Venetian Empire, odd customs concerning death and burial, perhaps testing your knowledge, or maybe just straining your credulity with the strange uniqueness of the city seemingly floating on water. Take the quiz, and you might find the answers on the dark side of the moon.


With 35 black-and-white photos and cover and book design by Tara Key. Paperback, 259 pages.

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